Civil disability and Law 104: how to obtain a subsidized loan


Obtaining a loan is not as difficult as some say, in fact: in recent years banks have opened up access to credit and allowed individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises to be able to make some unexpected expenses or improve corporate balance sheets.

In fact, families have returned to trusting credit institutions and as we wrote in “Loans: requests from families increase”, requests for financing increase.

Few perhaps know that when to apply for a loan it is a person who has been granted the facilities regulated by Law 104 – the one for serious handicap – or the civil disability allowance, there are more opportunities to obtain a loan facilitated.

Like? In the following paragraphs you will find all the useful information on how to exploit this interesting possibility made available.


Requirements for applying for a subsidized loan with Law 104


Someone will wonder why those who have obtained the recognition of the facilities provided for by Law 104 or the civil invalidity, can obtain a subsidized loan. Lawful question, simple answer: several national credit institutions have entered into a special agreement with INPS through the ANDI – National Association of Italian Disabled People – dedicated to disabled and seriously handicapped people, to allow them easier access to credit and on favorable terms. A facility that is added to the others, as it should be for people who already suffer the limitations due to the condition in which they are placed.

To advance this type of request, it is necessary not only to be enrolled in the ANDI by paying an annual fee of $ 25.00 but to meet some requirements, here are the following:

  • Recognition of civil invalidity status above 74%
  • Don’t just receive your civil disability pension
  • Having obtained recognition of the facilities provided for by Law 104

The reason why having an invalidity pension is not enough to obtain a subsidized loan can be explained by the fact that this check is an income support for people in economic difficulty and therefore a non-transferable pension, in the sense that it is not It is possible, for example, to use it for the assignment of the fifth.


How to submit the subsidized loan application

loan application

Having verified that you are in possession of the necessary requirements, you can now start the process to request the subsidized loan, keeping in mind that you need to be the holder of other income besides the invalidity pension allowance, to for example, you can receive a survivor’s pension, or an old-age pension or a regular salary.

In this case, it will be possible to proceed with a subsidized loan with the payment of a fifth of the income which is used to guarantee the repayment of the loan obtained.

The application must be submitted directly to INPS which will verify the existence of the requirements and possibly approve the request. If the application is accepted, the requested sum will be received in this case it is a loan not finalized and therefore it will not be necessary to declare the motivation and the amount obtained in monthly installments will be returned, calculated on the fifth of the retirement pension income, reversibility or salary, guaranteed.


The best loan? Find it online!

The best loan? Find it online!

As always, the web allows you to simplify many things, even the search for the financial institution to contact to obtain the loan at the best conditions.

Even if you intend to access the facilities provided for those who benefit from Law 104 or receive a disability pension, you can in the meantime check all that is useful to know before proceeding. By accessing, for example, the best personal loans section of today, it is possible to obtain a series of useful and constantly updated information regarding the maximum amount that can be asked for, the interest rates or the number of installments through which it is possible . possible to extend the loan.

It is a useful and free tool, which also saves precious time: instead of going directly to the offices of financial institutions, you can proceed comfortably from home, and easily decide which is the best solution for your needs.

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